My name is Audrina Nguyen. I graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s degree in English in May 2020. I chose this major to be very diverse in many fields that required a lot of writing. In addition, I love reading fictional literature and analyzing stories. It was fun to have constant discussions with my peers and value everyone’s opinion about the books. It helped broaden my mindset and grew more of an understanding of myself. During several internships and volunteering, I gradually realized that I love performing administrative duties and helping people. I want to help companies achieve their goals and become a part of a friendly, working environment. That was how I realized connection and communication were strong values to me. The major I chose was a way for me to connect with others of different opinions through common interests and media.

My previous internship allowed me to develop skills that could transfer over as an HR assistant. Originally, I was a social media lead for the department of Vietnam. As a Vietnamese American, I wanted to connect more with my culture. The company had just started up the new department and promoted me to the lead position because I had openly expressed interest in joining the team. It was a whole new challenge and experience for me to start a team from scratch. Thankfully, because of my managers, I was able to advertise internship listings on Indeed and Linkedin and gain a lot of applicants. I emailed, interviewed, recruited, and onboarded every single member, picking up all these new skills very quickly from just a few short sessions of training. Since this was my own personal team, I tried to evaluate their characters and made a decision if I wanted to work with them. Since my whole team was international, I dedicated my time to working late hours every night to assist them. I scheduled their shifts and hosted weekly meetings to check in on their progress. The company acknowledged my hard work in kickstarting the team that they promoted me to Operation Associate and had me oversee the Philippines department.

While I enjoyed my time there, I decided it was time to look for more opportunities and worked regular daytime hours. The previous company launched an About Us page that had me curious about website designing. Upon finding out that ExploreMyPC was located in San Diego, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to work in my local community. In addition, I appreciate that ExploreMyPC works with nonprofits as someone like me wishes to give back to the community when COVID-19 spread. My goal is to create a hardworking, supportive, and engaging team in the company. I wish to create a welcoming work environment and assist in any way I can my coworkers and supervisors. I want to be the bridge that connects employees and upper management together so that we maintain the structural foundation of the company. If we work well as a team, then we can provide excellent services to our clients.

In my free time, my hobbies are writing, drawing, reading, watching Youtube, and playing games. I love to write stories, mainly anything fictional. I am also a digital artist and mostly create fanwork from TV series and anime. Occasionally, I would design original characters or practice drawing things such as anatomy and backgrounds. Recently I started reading more Webtoons and fantasy-based manhwas since many of the stories and artwork are fascinating. Like most others in quarantine, I picked up the hobby of baking. Other than that, my weekends are spent with family and hanging out with my friends through discord.

In the future, I hope to continue working for ExploreMyPC and thrive in the company’s culture in a managerial position.