How To Promote Your Business Prior to Launching Your Website

We can't simple blame the marketer given the fact that it really take log time to design and develop a viable website.The most important is to have a good plan and then do some wireframing making changes to the template, edit the code file and so on. It is a time consuming process . So what are you doing to do. Nobody likes the idea of paying the online marketers for doing nothing till the website goes live.Believe us you don't have to.There is something you can do to promote your business online even if the website is not ready

Just design and develop a coming soon page for your website

Coming Soon page is far better than featuring a blank page or a generic template developed by your web hosting company. The good thing about this Coming Soon Page is that it does not take long time to design or develop. The idea behind this is very simple – creating a buzz for the brand. The purpose of a Coming Soon Page is to give the users a good idea as to what to expect when the final version of the website goes live. It encourages the audience to interact with your brand and to become a subscriber just to get to know what the website has in store for them.

Some websites use Coming Soon Page to encourage people to be a part of its beta program but in majority of cases, companies add a ‘Subscribe’ form so that people can be notified when the final version of the website gets launched

Now there need a few factors that you need to take into consideration before you start designing a coming soon page for your website.Allow us to explain them to you

1.Focus on brand


3.Give them Some Hints

4. Keep them updated

5.Don't forget the SEO

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