Let's Welcome Audrina to the Team

Audrina Nguyen - Human Resources Assistant

My name is Rama Srinivas, I am a resident of San Diego. I am a Software Engineer and have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from San Diego State University.

As a software engineer, I have created websites, web applications, and smartphone apps for non-profit organizations. I am very much interested in using the latest technology for website development. I happen to use ExploreMyPC for one of my website building projects and was impressed by its versatility and robustness. When I had the chance to join ExploreMyPC as a web designer, I immediately jumped on the opportunity and here I am. Besides my work at ExploreMyPC, I also work for a nonprofit organization: the International Economic Justice League as a web developer working on both frontend and backend of the system. I also do freelance web app development in my spare time.

As a web developer at ExploreMyPC, my goal is to improve website templates and work on customer satisfaction by creating user-friendly custom websites for clients using ExploreMyPC, WordPress, or other tools as requested by the clients. I see myself growing with the company and taking up leadership and managerial roles.

Apart from web development and coding, I love gardening and I grow my own vegetables. I make full use of the sunny Socal weather to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs in my own backyard to provide healthy food for my family and promote healthy living.

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