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What is SEO Keyword Research?

We live in a fast-paced digital world where time is of the essence, and convenience plays a significant role in almost all of our daily activities. If you’re walking down the street and want a quick bite, you are more likely to turn to your phone or mobile device to look up “restaurants near me” than you are to ask a passerby. Because we turn to Google and other search engines to answer our questions, it is more important than ever for marketers to implement effective internet marketing tools into their plans. Internet marketing tools allow businesses to reach a wider audience and give us the opportunity to generate revenue in a way that traditional marketing methods can’t.

People put their trust in the internet—if we want to read reviews about a product or service before we make a purchase, we rely on what Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) tell us. As mentioned earlier, we love the convenience of Google and clicking past the second page of Search Engine Results just requires too much work. Some businesses underestimate the importance of landing on the first page of Google, and further to that, are unaware of what it takes to get there. Your company doesn’t achieve a high SERP ranking magically—it requires the careful implementation of the proper Keywords. Is SEO the best marketing tool in 2016? Although my opinion may sound biased, I believe it is. One of the main elements of effective SEO is quality original content on your website, as well as well-crafted copy that includes relevant keywords.

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